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Dec 12, 2023

What opportunities lend themselves to massive markups and mega profits?


Today’s guest Jonathan Schuit reveals many of them. His personal specialty is popcorn, and he’s been doing it as a side hustle for years. He makes a comfortable living at it working just  one day a week.


This episode is less about popcorn and more about learning from Jonathan, some of the elements you need to consider when embarking on a new side hustle business.


His kernels of wisdom include,


·         the advantages of farmers markets

·         how simply being observant led to a big jump in revenues,

·         how another small change pumped up revenues an additional 50%

·         the importance of crunching (and understanding) the numbers

·         lessons from the “snow cone” experience


Whether you're eyeing the popcorn market or considering a completely different side hustle, Jonathan's journey reveals a goldmine of wisdom for anyone looking to maximize margins and profits.


Let me know what you think!


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