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Jun 21, 2022

While working full-time as a relocation specialist, today’s guest Janis Doherty started making and selling little concrete gnomes as a side hustle. Within 6 months, she was able to quit her job. Now as she celebrates with us, the 1 year anniversary of her business Gnome & Garden, we look back at her steep learning curve, lessons learned, and how she scored an interview from a national broadcaster that caused her sales really to take off as she and her gnomes garnered some pretty sweet TV exposure.

Be sure to catch the wrap-up at the end of the show, where I drill down on two very key gems that Janis shared. They’ll help you become a better decision-maker and problem solver.  These are two vital skills to have in your back pocket for both your business and personal life. I hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from my conversation with Janis Doherty, this side hustle hero known as “Mama Gnome.”

What you’ll hear:

02:26 Why Janis’s past jobs now make sense

04:02 No regrets!

05:10 Why don’t you make gnomes?

05:56 If an idea lands on your lap, seize it or it’ll move along to someone else

07:13 The business has changed her

09:15 The gnome making process

09:35 Mis-gnomers…the mistakes

10:36 The steep learning curve

12.13 Dealing with problems

14:09 Harvest the good

14:55 The concrete “stepping stone” everyone should create

15:20 How to view problems…there’s always a solution

16:44 A single order for 700 gnomes? Sure!

17:50 Not everyone supportive of her side hustle

19:20 Let go of negative people

20:35 6 months of gnomes part-time before making the leap

21:00 The moment of decision

21:20 Time to turn concrete into money

22:37 How she landed a TV news segment on a national broadcaster

27.40 Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

29:50 There’s something that makes you special

2 Key Takeaways

30:36 A very powerful decision-making technique

32:32 What to do when searching for a solution to a problem


How to find Janis Doherty:

Gnome & Garden website



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