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Religiously Kentucky Sports

Mar 21, 2022

Episode 43- What Next? Jay & JD explain the what, what happened in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, (Kentucky vs Saint Peter's) what was at fault and what's next. Plus the Dumbest Shit from Twitter this Week.

Mar 14, 2022

Episode 42- Survive and Advance Special guest Kevoo Bandzz of the Kevoo Bandzz Hoops Podcast- @EasymoneyKev7 joins to talk Selection Sunday (bracket talk and March Madness, JD and Jay discuss the SEC Tournament and of course the Dumbest Shit from Twitter this Week. (It was a shit storm) #SEC #NCAA...

Mar 7, 2022

Episode 41- January-February-Kentucky Kentucky Women’s Basketball- win the SEC Tournament Championship, Kentucky Men’s Basketball- end the regular season with wins and it is now on to post season, it doesn't matter who we play, bring them all on. Former Kentucky player & track star EJ Floreal joins to chop it up a...