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Religiously Kentucky Sports

Jul 25, 2023

Former Kentucky/Professional football player, Van Hiles joins to talk Kentucky Football, thoughts and opinions about this upcoming season for Kentucky Football, season predictions, and some other shenanigans.

You can also tune into (The Locker411) on YouTube and follow Van Hiles on Twitter (X) @vstyles17  for Driving...

Jul 18, 2023

Kyle Tucker of The Athletic joins to talk the lead up to Globl Jam, what happened at Globl Jam, injuries, possibly adding another BIG man for insurance, coaching additions, and "the lobbying" coach Cal, for a new basketball (ball) for NCAA basketball. 

Jul 15, 2023

Stadium Basketball Insider, Jeff Goodman @Goodmanhoops joins to talk (BEEF) with Kentucky/coach John Calipari, some Kentucky Basketball roster, his very early thoughts on what Kentucky's floor & ceiling could be, and Jeff is not a fan of summer basketball unless it involves Kentucky losing, that's when he'll tweet...