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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

May 26, 2020

Over the last 10 years, Cloud Foundry has grown from “open Heroku clone” to “software used at your bank”. The Cloud Foundry Foundation and the CNCF launched within a few months of each other in 2015, and the two worlds are now colliding as Cloud Foundry replatforms on top of Kubernetes. Our guest this week is...

May 20, 2020

SIG Network is completely rethinking the way you define groupings of applications (Service) and get traffic sent to them (Ingress) by building the Service APIs, a new set of primitives which are better suited to how different groups of users interact with them. Bowei Du is a Tech Lead on GKE and a member of SIG Network...

May 12, 2020

More gripping than a crime scene in Las Vegas, the Container Storage Interface (CSI) lets vendors interface with Kubernetes. Saad Ali from Google led development of Kubernetes storage, including the CSI and volume subsystem. He joins hosts Adam and Craig for an in-depth look at how storage works in Kubernetes.

Do you...

May 5, 2020

In celebration of Helm graduating to a top-level CNCF project, Adam and Craig. talk to its creator and primary architect, Matt Butcher of the Deis Labs team at Microsoft Azure.

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