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Source 2 Target

Aug 16, 2023

Jacqueline Ball, German-English subtitler extraordinaire, joins us for our final profile of the season. How did Jacqueline get into subtitling and why does she love it so much? And what steps should you take if you also want to get into subtitling? 

Jacqueline Ball 

Aug 9, 2023

Prof Lynne Bowker joins us to talk about the important working being done in the Machine Translation Literacy Project. Translators are not the only users of MT - in fact, we're probably not even the main users. So what do non-translator users of MT understand about the technology? How do they use it? And why does this...

Aug 2, 2023

Part 2 of 2 of our conversation with Daniela Ford about technology in the translation industry. This time, we're focusing on MT and how technology has changed the way we work, particularly how we research our translations.

Please note that this conversation was recorded before ChatGPT exploded into public awareness, and...