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Stat Check

Feb 29, 2024

The whole gang's back! Anthony returns to the show triumphant at Pyra Cup along with the rest of Team USA, while Team Scotland's Innes is nursing his wounds. Jeremy and Nathan come by to share the latest in competitive 40k stats, and the gang tackle a backlog of show questions from listeners.

Feb 27, 2024

Have you ever considered just like...playing the best thing in the game? Do you like...winning? Let's talk about it.

Feb 22, 2024

Rise and Grind boys! We've got an honest to goodness practice weekend on the coast, but how do you actually make the best use of that time? Well, we're gonna spend about an hour of it here, so don't miss out!

Feb 14, 2024

It's just Anthony and Jeremy this week - they talk about what they've learned about the meta post dataslate. Anthony has played over thirty games, Jeremy just ran a post-slate GT. They take your questions, and talk about how selection works for the two national teams they work with.

Feb 9, 2024

In this episode we have Brian Seipp joining us to recap pre-dataslate meta and talk about the ITT experince and we takle creating a brand new tier list of armies for team play.

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