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This Girl Is On Fire

Jan 11, 2023

Carrie Green is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and author of the international bestselling book She Means Business. She’s also, as she puts it, a lover of praline, rom-coms and a healthy dose of woo. Think Sarah Blakely of Spanx fame, but British. Recently featured in Forbes, her TEDx talk has had over 8 million views to date and Carrie was also named as one of 27 business leaders changing the world by Inc. magazine.


Carrie started her personal growth journey while she was still in primary school thanks to her dad, who didn’t see why age should be a barrier for learning self-belief, goal-setting and how to manifest the future of your dreams. This mindset helped when Carrie was placed in the lowest set of every class in secondary school, by teachers who believed she had learning difficulties. What they, and she, hadn’t realised, was that she just hadn’t found what lit a fire inside her - that wasn’t to come until much later, when after creating a successful online business working from home, she felt lonely and overlooked at networking events, where businessmen would ignore and isolate her, thinking she was too young and inexperienced to take seriously. “Where is my tribe?” she thought, and decided to create one - which went on to become the internationally successful membership supporting women in business around the world.

Funny, warm, relatable and remarkable, I think you’re going to love this conversation with Carrie. Enjoy!

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