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This Girl Is On Fire

Feb 22, 2023

*Trigger warning: This conversation discusses domestic violence and baby loss, which may be uncomfortable for some listeners.


Malin Andersson is known to millions as the sassy TV personality and mental health activist, who speaks openly about her experiences with body image, domestic abuse, baby loss and grief. 

In our powerful conversation today, Malin talks with quiet openness and honesty about all of these life experiences, from the perspective of someone who is still living them in her present. Life is not a curated Instagram post; healing is not instant or permanent, it takes time and effort, and we don’t always get it right, because why would we? We are humans, having a human experience, and that is all. Today this podcast is a little different from normal, as it takes a deep dive into the power of spirituality, and the widening of our perspective on things that happen to us in life versus things that happen for us.