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Misbehavin: A Righteous Gemstones Podcast

Jun 29, 2023

Can you hear that diesel engine? That is this weeks episode of Misbehavin coming your way as Drew and Libby cruise on through S3E5 of The Righteous Gemstones titled "For Their Nakedness Is Your Own Nakedness". What returning vehicle strikes a spot off of Drew's bingo card? What storyline does Libby hope shines?.... And...

Jun 25, 2023

The plot begins to weave its tangled web on this second premiere episode! Drew and Libby sit down to discuss "But Esau Ran to Meet Him" on this episode of Misbehavin. Who does Libby think might be behind the strings being pulled this season? Which character does Drew think really elevates the stakes? Who will complete...

Jun 23, 2023

Season 3 has officially begun! Drew and Libby sit down to discuss the first of two premiere episodes of the season, "For I Know the Plans I Have for You". Which storyline has seemingly disappeared? Who reminds Libby of sweet psychopath Annie Wilkes? Who is Drew putting his faith in this season? All these answers await...

Jun 10, 2023

A longer preview has arrived! Libby and Drew sit down to discuss the full length trailer for The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 and make their final predictions.


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