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Combat Story

Dec 2, 2023

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🎙️ Today's Combat Story: Navy SEAL, SDV Team One, and DEVGRU  🎙️

Today’s Combat Story focuses on both Navy SEAL, SDV Team One, and DEVGRU member Rodney Brown and his connection to an upcoming guest, Mike Edwards. I asked Mike, in preparation for a future interview, who I could talk to about Mike’s time downrange. Surprisingly, Mike, an Army Ranger, referred me to Rodney, a Navy SEAL. After talking to Rodney, however, it’s easy to see why and how this brotherhood was created.

Rodney spent years with SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One and then several years providing intel support and advanced special operations techniques with Naval Special Warfare Development Group (or DEVGRU and what the press will often refer to as SEAL Team Six).

During his time downrange, Rodney fought side by side with Mike and a host of other international and national forces, and other government agencies (or OGAs). He would go on to handle sources and provide tactical HUMINT for coalition forces, at times rolling outside the wire with just an interpreter! 

Rodney was one of those who went to BUD/S multiple times, persevering to earn his Trident on the fourth attempt. He would support DEVGRU, work with the elite in the special operations community, create his own company, provide security for Tom Cruise and other celebrities, and give his personal time to help fight human trafficking. 

Be sure to stay tuned until the end for a few rapid fire questions and outtakes with Rodney and, of course, listen in for his stories about Mike Edwards ahead of our upcoming interviews with Mike where we’ll ask Mike about the same events to see how two operators remember these events.

📸 Visual Aids
Thumbnail is Navy Divers and Navy SEALs Conduct PRODEV Training [Image 19 of 19], by PO1 Trey Hutcheson.

👇 Show Notes:

00:00 - Introduction
00:52 - Guest Profile: Rodney Brown
02:49 - Start of Interview
05:16 - Childhood
05:59 - First time with a weapon
12:10 - Time in Alaska
16:53 - Path to the SEAL Team 
29:16 - Responsibilities During SEAL Training
31:02 - Lessons learned in Training
32:55 - BUDS Reputations
40:10 - Meeting Mike Edwards
42:47 - SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 1
48:25 - First Deployment With SDVT1
51:22 - Advanced Special Operations Techniques
56:12 - First Time Outside The Wire
01:02:18 - Time in Green Platoon Course
01:07:16 - A Challenging Operations
01:12:55 - Taking Life
01:17:57 - Experiences With Mike Edwards
01:19:49 - Clearing A Room With Mike Edwards
01:31:04 - Questions for Mike Edwards
 01:38:38 - Relationship to Mike Edwards
01:40:10 - Most Courageous Act
01:42:00 - 53-26 Consultants
01:44:30 - Security Tom Cruise
01:48:15 - Kingsman
01:51:26 - Retiring Young
01:53:25 - Sentimental Item
01:56:36 - Would You Do It All Again?
01:57:27 - Closing Thoughts
01:57:45- Listener Feedback
02:01:23 - Bonus Content

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