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Combat Story

Aug 28, 2021

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This is a special and off-cycle edition of Combat Story.
With the recent attacks and chaos in Afghanistan, I wanted to sit down with someone who spent years on the front lines in that theater and who better than John “Shrek” McPhee.

Regular listeners know him well but for those who have not yet heard of him, John is also known as the Sheriff of Baghdad and spent 20 years in the Army’s Special Operations community, from Ranger Battalion to Group to Delta Force.

He retired as a Sergeant Major from the most elite unit in the US Military and now owns SOB Tactical.

As usual, Shrek holds nothing back and gives an operator’s perspective of what is happening and why this outcome was always going to be the case.  Most importantly, however, is John’s message to the thousands of veterans processing these scenes, emotions, and memories.

While I had Shrek, I took the opportunity to ask some questions we’ve received from listeners, we talk whiskey, and find out what Shrek watches on Netflix.   

I hope you enjoy this third round Combat Story with Shrek as much as I did.

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