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Combat Story

Oct 9, 2021

Today we hear the second round of our Combat Story with Dan Pronk, a former Australian SAS officer and medical doctor who completed four tours to Afghanistan.

In round one we covered Dan’s first calling as a triathlete until he found himself in medical school, and, eventually, SAS selection. We covered some of his initial deployments.

In round two we move into the more difficult deployments Dan faced when things started getting darker, as they so often do.

We also discuss Dan’s newly released book - Resilience Shield - which takes SAS resilience lessons and applies them to everyday life to thrive, much as Dan has.

Dan went on to found a multi-million dollar company - TACMED - and has written two other books: Arterial Tourniquets and Average 70kg D**khead.

Dan is the most unassuming doctor you’ll ever find and I hope you enjoy this second round interview Down Under as much as I did.

Show Notes

0:00 - Intro
0:57 - Dan Pronk intro and bio
1:52 - Interview begins
4:12 - The Afghanistan pull out
10:58 - Desperately wanting to get back into combat
15:00 - Find Fix Finish for Psychological Trauma
20:43 - Third deployment “hugely kinetic”
24:43 - The Suckmeter
27:38 - The build-up of PTSD
45:36 - How to make resilience insights to bulletproof operators
55:50 - Dan’s first classic car purchase and how not to make your wife happy
1:09:00 - The Unforgiving Sixty podcast by Dan Pronk’s Resilience Shield Co-author
1:09:46 - What did you carry with you into combat every time?
1:11:57 - Would you go back and do it all again?
1:15:43 - Listener Comments and Shout Outs

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