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Combat Story

May 13, 2023

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Today we turn the tables as Ryan Rogers hosts Combat Story's Ryan Fugit on the Choices not Chances Podcast. Listeners will recall Ryan Rogers' Combat Story interview from Episode (please add episode number and link to YouTube interview) where they dove into the Battle of Marjah.

Ryan Rogers returned the favor and hosted Ryan Fugit on his program and we dive into some new ground that hasn't been explored previously. I wanted to give a shout out to Ryan Rogers and his program and felt this was a great way to do it.


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Show Notes:
00:00 - Intro 
00:20 - Guest Introduction (Choices Not Chances Podcast)
01:04 - Interview begins
03:20 - Childhood and Family life
10:11 - Coming back to the U.S.
12:32 - Living in Africa and Afghanistan
16:57 - Path to enlisting
19:43 - 4Patriots
23:05 - Deciding to become an Army Pilot
28:39 - Getting the Apache 
32:48 - Flight school
41:28 - Flying the Apache
48:20 - Additional duties for a Staff Pilot
51:49 - First time downrange
58:23 - Time in Afghanistan
01:08:00 - Classified footage
01:11:20 - A bad day in Afghanistan
01:21:03 - Losing Faith
01:26:44 - Leaving the Military
01:29:30 - Time at the CIA
01:28:10 - After the CIA and Combat Story