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Carry HIS Glory NOW with Prophet Lisa M. Vice

Dec 1, 2022

When God wants to Position You to Save a People

Are you positioned to save a people, a tribe, a family, or friends?

The Lord will position you as He did Joseph.

The story of Joseph in Gen 37, 39-47, shows us a pattern that the Lord will take us through when we are being positioned to save a people.

Who was Joseph? He was Jacobs's favorite son. Joseph was a dreamer. He was perhaps a bit arrogant before his brothers.

When God Tests You

God took Joseph through a process to humble him and prepare him to qualify for his position.

During the time of testing, Joseph did not complain, but he remained faithful to God and was favored . God blessed all that Joseph put his hands to.

Joseph refrained from sin before God (Gen 39:9). He walked in the fear of God.

The devil did not oppress Joseph. Instead, it was God who took him through this process and testing.

He was on a journey. God tested Joseph while at Potiphar's house and while in Jail, and Joseph remained faithful to God.

Tested in Preparation

Joseph was in preparation to be placed in a position to save a nation.

Have you been going through test after test and wondering why? You may be in place of preparation to be positioned to save. God will, as He did Joseph, take you through whatever testing or shaping to get you to the position to save a people.

Don't be in such a hurry to get to your destiny. It took Joseph 20 years of testing before he was officially positioned to save. So it is today. We cannot skip ahead. God must have His time with you to mold and shape and even test you before positioning you to do great work.

The longer the test, the greater the work!

Stay the Course

Be encouraged to stay the course. While you are in the phase of testing, or shaping, level up in the anointing. Exercise your senses and do what the word instructs. Believe in God and the dreams He has given you. It shall surely come to pass.

If God said it, that settles it! IT IS!! Amen.


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