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The Galactic Cow: Conversations about teaching, the Universe, and everything

May 3, 2023

Welcome to our first relisten pod!  We're not quite exaggerating when we say we kind of started this podcast so we could relisten to some of our favorite and most influential thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries, and adrienne maree brown was always going to be first ♥  In this episode, we discuss two of her interviews and how her work applies to transforming teaching and learning.  Join us and explore your own vision for a new way to learn and teach.

Pod relistens:  Finding Our Way podcast, S1E2 “Visioning” and On BeingWe Are in a Time of New Suns

Grace Lee Boggs here and here

Find adrienne

Book Reference:  O’Neil, Cathy. Weapons of Math Destruction (2016)


  • theme music: composed and performed by Alden Zac (on the interwebs here, here, here) thanks friend!
  • editing & production:  emareena (who is relieved this is mostly listenable)
  • artwork:  also emareena, who loves Galactica very much, and will be occasionally posting on the blog.