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The Unconstrained Podcast

Jul 25, 2021

First, let me say this. I hate the word retirement. I think our social mantra of working for 40 years has turned the act of choosing not to be employed to be misunderstood, and the term retirement has become the end game for those enslaved in employment. I dont see it that way, but I have to use a term that people seem...

Jul 18, 2021

I honestly believe that to be unconstrained requires you to succeed in three things - finance, health and purpose. Yet the hardest of these three things is to find purpose in your life. I cant tell you the answer to finding your purpose it is a deeply personal journey we must all face, but I can tell you the real costs...

Jul 11, 2021

In this episode I am joined by my friend Mike from over at as we discuss how we both came to our conclusions about money, the economy, why things are the way they are and what can be done about it. Enjoy!

Jul 4, 2021

We have a lot of arguments in todays society. Arguments over politics, ideology, methodology, etc. But the one thing you cant argue is math. And when math tells you the truth of how to live a rich & unconstrained life, you cant ignore it. Better to understand and embrace it. In this episode I will tell you a very...