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The Unconstrained Podcast

Apr 24, 2022

Throughout the western world, we have generations that have been raised on the idea of getting things that they want with other peoples money. Understandable since earning & savings hasnt been wise for a very long time due to low interest returns. But things are about to change, and I fear that western society will be...

Apr 17, 2022

I would hope that in todays world, the general rule of thumb is that it is better to invest than to speculate. I think Warren Buffet really underscored this principle, but I see all around me people not understanding the difference and even those that do, seem to follow the herd into the world of speculation when...

Apr 10, 2022

Over the past 100 years, weve seen the western world go through massive change, but one such change that is rarely discussed is towards an increased focus on the mind. In this episode, I invite you to join me on exploring the concept of the cerebral society a world in which you explore the dimensions of thought, and...

Apr 3, 2022

Imagine if you knew next weeks lottery numbers? Would you have to work in that crappy job and deal with that crappy boss any more? Well demographics give you a long term view of where things are going and for those (like me) that pay attention to them, weve enjoyed not working for a very long time.