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Pinetop - Lakeside Talk of the Town

Dec 15, 2022

Mayor Stephanie Irwin and Town Manager Keith Johnson discuss - Strategic Planning - Election News - Updated Land-Use Map

Strategic Planning – The Town Council, with input from staff, developed a five-year strategic plan that will guide our work for the next several years. The plan was broken into two categories: two-year priorities and five-year priorities. Among the items identified as priorities in the first two years are continued work on a new police department building, design, and implementation of a community engagement plan, addressing zoning issues to help revitalization in Lakeside and passage of the Home Rule Option that allows the Town to meet its budget needs. We’re happy to share that the Home Rule Option easily passed in November, which will allow the Town to spend funds already collected. 

Election News – 2022 was an election year and in addition to the passage of Home Rule, Town Council positions were filled. Mayor Stephanie Irwin was re-elected to a four-year term. Four-year council seats went to incumbents Sterling Beus and Taber Heisler, along with newcomer James Brimhall. Incumbent Lynn Krigbaum was re-elected to fill a two-year term. Congratulations to each of them.

Updated Land-Use Map – The Community Development Department worked for most of 2022 on a Major Amendment to the Land Use Map for the Town. In total, the Town conducted 9 public meetings either through the Planning and Zoning Commission or Town Council to review the updates land use map and solicit public input. The changes to the existing map correct errors from a previous map developed in 2015 and create a framework for potential future development. According to state law, the Town is required to have an accurate land-use map, which also will be included in the 2025 General Plan.


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