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Protecting Your Radius Podcast

May 25, 2023

This episode has Nathan & Donnie Running through the gauntlet about wood materials, steel prices, expectations of building materials and so much more.  If you're in the field day-to-day or deal with material ordering/purchasing this will be an episode that you will probably relate with.

Our partner on this show is Ozark Wire Works out of Springfield, MO.  Visit for promotions, PRICING and availability today!  This is the best wire we've seen to date for chain link applications. 

Visit our network of podcasts and media at and also find more clips and shorts following @radius_podcast.  If this conversation leads to questions or comments about future topics, please send an email over to

Nathan and Donnie work for the fastest growing fence company in the Tulsa, Oklahoma metroplex. See all of their projects and more at or find them on Facebook and Instagram @radiustulsa

@therobnoble handles all production outlines; DM him for pricing and availability.