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Re-Imagined Radio

Nov 25, 2020

Re-Imagined Radio presents its third foray into the enduring legend of D.B. Cooper with an original script by Dan Wyatt, Jr. performed by Metropolitan Performing Arts. On Thanksgiving Eve, 1971, Cooper jumped from a hijacked passenger airplane into the dark and stormy night over Southwest Washington. Neither Cooper, nor the ransom money, has ever been found. His hijacking of a Northwest Orient jet airplane remains the only unsolved case of U.S. air piracy. To some, he is a hero. To others, a criminal.


Too big for a single episode, The D.B. Cooper Saga is a trilogy of contemporary radio dramas by Dan Wyatt, Jr. concerning a man known only as "D.B. Cooper" who is, simply put, a legend here in the Pacific Northwest. Right up there with UFOs, Sasquatch, and Mount St. Helens. This is Part 3 of the trilogy. See our website for more information,


Season 08, Episode 02
Premier broadcast: 25 Nov, 2020

Written, Directed by Dan Wyatt, Jr.

Produced, Sound Design, Hosted by John Barber

Post Production by Martin John Gallagher

Social Media, Graphics by Holly Slocum Design

More info, see our website