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Money Talk With Tiff

Sep 10, 2020

Whew!  Couples, money, and conflict.  It is almost as if these things are synonymous with each other.  In this episode, Tiffany sits down with counselor Rhonda Johnson to discuss how to manage conflict when talking about vulnerable topics such as money.  This episode not only applies to couples but singles as well.  Be prepared for your next money discussion.  Tune in!

About Our Guest

Rhonda Johnson is the owner and founder of Limitless Empowerment based in Central North Carolina. She is a Life Coach, Prepare/Enrich facilitator, and an Interpersonal Strategy Consultant, specializing in helping couples build strong relationships. Her passion and Limitless Empowerment’s primary function is to empower marriages and relationships that are suffering because of a lack of familiarity with communication and lackluster communication skills. Engaged and married couples are given lessons and guidance that build a strong foundation for a strong relationship.

She is a counseling intern and along with couples, her primary function is to work with peri- and post-natal mothers who experience depression and anxiety for various reasons. In early July 2020, she was chosen to be part of a focus group conversation for NC Maternal Mental Health Matters, which is offered through the University of North Carolina System and provides support to primary care physicians in screening, assessing, and treating mental health concern with this population. Her why for working with couples is simple. To help build STRONG families that value healthy communication as a foundation to build something real and tangible for our children. These strong families are not in a perpetual statistic of unemployment, poverty, police brutality, or any other malady that can affect the human condition. Proper, heartfelt communication strengthens couples, strong couples strengthen families, strong families strengthen communities and strong communities change the world

Additionally, when she was going through marital trouble (and her eventual divorce), she was very troubled by the fact that when she sought help for her marital troubles, there was no hope imparted and the process seemed cold. Hope is all we have when we begin a process and it’s important that you understand that I believe in you and your significant other. In addition, as a couple, we weren’t talking and no one addressed the fact that communication had completely broken down but that does not mean that the marriage is dead. It just means that the communication part of the relationship needs more attention and care, but it can be corrected.

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