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Money Talk With Tiff

Jun 1, 2023

Are you worried about the current state of financial literacy in high schools? Yanely Espinal is here to help!

In this episode, she talks about her vision for a future where students are equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to make independent financial decisions. Learn more about the proposed law on incorporating financial literacy into school curriculums and why Yanely believes it should include teacher qualifications, graduation requirements, and when the subject is taught.

Plus, get a sneak peek at Yanely's book "Mind Your Money," which focuses on setting money goals and adjusting one's mindset regarding money and spending habits. Tune in now to learn more about the importance of financial literacy in high schools!

About Our Guest

Yanely was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and is one of the first in her family to graduate college. After two decades of school, she still can't believe that she never had a class about making smart money decisions! Now, she's on a mission to help young people learn about personal finance in a fun and engaging way! 

After completing Teach For America, Yanely paired her love for teaching with her passion for financial literacy, creating a unique YouTube channel for people to engage with topics like budgeting, managing credit, saving and investing for retirement and more!

Yanely serves as the Director of Educational Outreach at Next Gen Personal Finance and is a member of CNBC's Financial Wellness Advisory Council.

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