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Money Talk With Tiff

Dec 30, 2022

Nicky Billou joins Tiffany this week to dive into his entrepreneurship journey and how he was able to grow his business to making 6-figures a month!

About Our Guest

Nicky Billou, aka The Millionaire Maker, is the #1 International Best Selling Author of 8 books, including: Finish Line ThinkingTM: How to Think and Win Like a Champion, The Thought Leader’s Journey: A Fable of Life, The Power Of Connecting: How To Activate Profitable Relationships By Serving Your Network (with Kai Bjorn), and How To Create A Million Dollar A Year Income: The Priceless Guide For Insurance Agents, Professional Sale People, And Anyone With A Big Dream (with Perry Wong). He has read over 4000 books, in genres from biography, history, fictional literature, self-help, health and fitness, poetry business, sales, spirituality and religion.

He is an in-demand and highly inspirational speaker to corporate audiences such as RBC, Lululemon, Royal LePage, and TorStar Media. He is an advisor and confidante to some of the most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs in Canada. He is the co-founder of eCircle Academy ( where he runs a yearlong Mastermind & Educational program working with Coaches, Consultants, Corporate Trainers, Clinic Owners, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and other service-based Entrepreneurs, positioning them as authorities in their niche. He is the creator of the Thought Leader/Heart LeaderTM Designation. He and his team have helped over 70 entrepreneurs add 6 to 8 figures to their annual income.

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