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Shonen Flop

Apr 5, 2021

In this episode we, and our guest Hassan from The Nerd Alternative discuss Naoshi Komi's (creator of Nisekoi) Shonen Jump manga Double Arts. In a world stricken by a disease that’s killed over a billion people, protagonists Elraine and Kiri have to navigate the harsh world to try and find a cure. Beyond the dangers of the disease, they also have to survive attacks from the evil organization Gazelle, who’s trying to prevent a cure for the disease. They have nothing but their wits, dance moves, and superpowers Kiri has that aren’t well explained because this series ends really abruptly. 

 Show Notes:

  • Episode art by Jennifer Zhu (IG: art_by_toast)
  • You can find The Nerd Alternative at or on Twitter @NrdAlternative

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