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Shonen Flop

Apr 19, 2021

In this episode, we, and our very own Tucker Whatley discuss Hirohiko Araki’s Shonen Jump manga Cool Shock B.T. Araki is best known for creating JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so it’s exciting to see where he started from as this was his first major serialized work. Cool Shock B.T. is the tale of B.T. a mysterious boy who uses his wits to go on capers (including stealing a dinosaur skull) with his trusty sidekick Koichi. 

 Show Notes:

  • Episode art by Jennifer Zhu (IG: art_by_toast)
  • You can find our guest at and be sure to check out his work creating Shonen Flop Gaiden which you can find on the Shonen Flop YouTube channel
  • Shonen Flop has a Discord where you can interact with us, join movie nights, and even a book club! Find it at 


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