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Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast

May 31, 2023

Meet Tasha Layton, a gifted singer and writer on a mission to share the life-changing power of Christianity with others. Her journey has taken her through various spiritual paths and in this episode, we discuss how she came to know the true power of Jesus that eventually led her back to her faith. Tasha's unique perspective and genuine heart for those who are searching make her a powerful voice in the conversation about the transformative power of faith.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Gain insight into Tasha Layton's inspiring transition from doubt to devotion.

  • Realize the life-changing effects of Christianity on individuals and communities.

  • Overcome negative self-perceptions with the aid of prayer.

  • Recognize your value in order to develop a compassionate mindset.

Tasha is the author of Look What You’ve Done – available everywhere now!


To connect with Tasha:


Instagram: @tashalayton

Facebook: @tasha.layton

Twitter: @TLLayton