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The Craft Podcast

You are about to experience The Real Craft Podcast, Hosted by Robert Van Arlen. The Real Craft Podcast explores and educates listeners on The Art of Business, Relationships and Cocktails.  Shot live every Wednesday at Scottsdale's iconic Hotel Valley Ho. Each week we sip on craft cocktails while talking about business and relationships. 

The Maestro of Tacos and Tequila - Guest David Tyda

Sep 27, 2023

The Craft - Art of Relationships, Business, and Cocktails celebrates its 50th episode with special guest David Tyda. 

Drew Grunwald stepped in to host the show for Robert Van Arlen.  Drew is joined by David Tyda founder of Taco Fest, and Phoenix food festivals like French Fry, Pizza and more. Tyda is also the owner of...

Sep 21, 2023

Jay Spector is more than a financial planner. His journey of sharing his success, by engaging his network has brought inspiration and opportunity to many. Jay's family landed in the Valley decades ago from the East Coast and through a family encounter, Jay found himself committing to Arizona Helping Hands, an...

Sep 13, 2023

Host Robert Van Arlen, welcomes Ra-Sool to the Craft. The Craft is sponsored by ADDY Focus.  Robert and RA-Sool talk about meaning of business, music, numbers, UFO, "The Light" and much more.  DOn't miss this entertianing and informative episode of the Craft live from the iconic Hotel Valley Ho. 

Rasool's Bio: