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A Wealthy Life

Aug 31, 2023

Episode 79: Don’t Be Greedy


Hello #WealthyLifers! Welcome back to another new episode! In today's episode we'll be diving into the world of property investment and the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to maximize profits.


From the challenges faced by landlords to the lessons we can learn from a...

Aug 10, 2023

Episode 76: Ross Tulloch - The Path to Corporate Freedom


Discover the power of conscious spending and its impact on your financial freedom!


This week, I sit down with the dynamic Ross Tulloch to discuss his incredible journey towards financial independence through property investment. Ross shares his ingenious...

Aug 3, 2023

Episode 75: Is Your Upbringing Your Excuse?

Welcome back to another episode of A Wealthy Life! In today's episode we will dive into the intriguing journey of our guest speaker, Jason Graystone, who went from a challenging upbringing to achieving financial freedom. Join us as we explore how his unique experiences...