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A Wealthy Life

Dec 28, 2023

Welcome to the final episode of our 2023 series, where we reflect on the past year and the importance of personal values. 


We take time to consider the essence of a truly wealthy life and challenge traditional concepts of success. I share a personal journey of balancing business growth and personal fulfilment. 



Dec 21, 2023


In today's episode, we're exploring the importance of having a guide or mentor, much like the game driver who expertly navigated us through unknown territories in my recent experience in South Africa. 


Listen to my personal stories and lessons learned from my adventures, highlighting how a knowledgeable guide can...

Dec 14, 2023


Join me, Vicki Wusche, as I discuss the power of language and setting expectations in achieving a wealthy life.


I share my personal experiences from South Africa, and how effective communication can make or break our expectations.


We navigate the idea of ignorance and how it can lead to disappointment when we...

Dec 7, 2023


Picture this: you're walking through a field, and you spot a tiny, vibrant orange flower. You love it, but can't quite put into words why. 


That's what our experiences and desires often feel like - beautiful, bright, and sometimes hard to describe, just like that little orange flower.


Discover the power of...