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A Wealthy Life

Jun 29, 2023

In this episode of the podcast, I am joined by John, The Expat Property Guy. John shares his story of investing in property and how he has been able to achieve success in a challenging market. Together, we will explore some of the key insights from John's story. We will discuss the challenges of investing in property in...

Jun 22, 2023

Ever wonder what goes on inside a landlord’s mind?


In this week's episode of A Wealthy Life, I talk with landlord, Ross Tulloch, about his top tips for success in the HMO market. Ross shares his insights on finding the right tenants, choosing the right location, and dealing with difficult situations.


He stresses...

Jun 15, 2023

Want to make a better world? Be a better landlord.


In this week’s episode, I’ll talk about the emergence of the modern private landlord– and the legislation that followed it. Legislation, for landlords, is a complex and ever-changing landscape. While this legislation can be burdensome at times, it is necessary...

Jun 8, 2023

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance investment, HMOs may not be for you.


In this week’s podcast, I’ll argue that HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) can be a waste of time for landlords. I’ll explain how they require more work than the traditional buy-to-let and why they are often not as profitable as they...

Jun 1, 2023

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