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A Wealthy Life

Nov 30, 2023


Ever feel like you're just doing too much? 


That's exactly what we're diving into today.


I'm Vicki Wusche and I'll be sharing my very own journey of overdrive during a holiday and how it sparked a deep reflection on work-life balance. 


We'll explore the crucial aspect of categorising our time into income...

Nov 23, 2023

Looking beyond the traditional definition of wealth, we’re honoured to be joined for this second episode with Dr. Julia Ambler, co-founder and director of the Umduduzi Hospice Care Children's Palliative Care Charity in Durban, South Africa 

Her stories of children and families struggling with the harsh realities of...

Nov 16, 2023

Join me as we explore the profound and inspiring work of Dr. Julia Ambler, a pediatric palliative care specialist in South Africa. 

Julia, a dear friend of mine, is one of the two directors and founders of Umduduzi, a charity that provides palliative care to children. 

With grace and lightness, she helps children who...

Nov 9, 2023


Do you measure success by the number of houses you own? Learn why true wealth is about quality, not quantity, and why focusing on the numbers may lead to unnecessary stress.


Welcome to another episode of A Wealthy Life! In today's episode, “What Does A Wealthy Life Mean To You?” I’ll take you on a journey to...

Nov 2, 2023


We live in a world where we're constantly chasing money and success. But sometimes, it's crucial to step back and re-center ourselves. That's exactly what I did in South Africa, and today I’ll be talking about why it's so important.


Welcome back to A Wealthy Life, the podcast where we explore the different facets...