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A Wealthy Life

Feb 29, 2024

An unexpected offer on a property might not be the usual start to a real estate empire, but for Jay Rooney, it was just that—a twist of fate that propelled him into the world of property investment. 


In this episode Jay unravels the complexities and triumphs of building a portfolio from the ground up. His...

Feb 22, 2024


In this episode, I am re-joined by Sean, The Property Tax Accountant

Sean breaks down the pivotal question many investors grapple with: should you hold property in your personal name or within a limited company? 

With recent tax changes like Section 24 shaking up the landscape, Sean unravels the implications for...

Feb 15, 2024


Join me as I welcome Sean, a property tax accountant with a wealth of knowledge for expats and investors alike.


In this episode, we tackle the crucial steps for cultivating a productive partnership with your accountant, steering clear of the dreaded year-end frenzy.


Listen in as Sean shares the secrets to modern...

Feb 8, 2024


Elizabeth Pearson joins me to share her insights on empowering women through the art of investing. 


Our conversation is a must listen to for anyone yearning to fortify their financial future, as we unravel how life's unpredictabilities—such as career breaks for maternity or shifts in personal relationships—can...

Feb 1, 2024



In today’s episode we tackle the critical issue of female financial security, an area I passionately believe needs to be at the forefront of our wealth conversations. 

I draw from my personal journey and share how the evolution of women's roles in the economy, although progressive, continues to be hemmed in by...