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Return to New Life

Jul 16, 2022

Ms. Karon brings back our popular series on taking a look at the steps involved in a traditional Jewish wedding and how those steps help us understand the times and seasons from Scripture all the way up to today. In this episode we get into the first two steps of the father choosing the bride and the groom agreeing on a price. Everything in these customs points back to The Messiah. 

Here are the 12 steps that we will be covering over the next several episodes as we go together on this holistic journey of physical and spiritual health. 

1 - The Father chooses the bride.  2 - The Groom agrees on a price.  3 - Covenant made.  4 - Consent of the bride.  5 - Cup of the covenant.  6 - Bridal gifts.  7 - Cleansing (Mikva).  8 - Departure of the groom.  9 - The waiting bride.  10 - Return of the groom.  11. Covering (The huppah).  12. Marriage supper.