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Masculine Mindset Show

Feb 29, 2024

Today’s episode is all about how to deal with flaky women and Adam gives you the best way to call her out in a way that makes her feel ALIVE.


Women don’t like weakness. And if you behave in a low value way when they plan to flake, you will never meet up with her. The date won’t happen.


So listen to...

Feb 26, 2024

In this podcast, Adam brings on Brett Backerman who he met through Mark Sing. They both discuss why you must conquer your fears. A personal development podcast in which they cover the following:

-Shadow Work

-Joining Men’s Groups

-Books on Dating

-And much, much more!!

Get Adam’s NEWEST Book:

Feb 22, 2024

In today’s podcast, Adam touches upon involuntary ways to trigger polarity with women. You will discover what women are TRULY attracted to in masculine men.

He cover’s the following ways to trigger masculine/feminine polarity:



-Wide Range of Tonalities

And much more!!

Listen closely,...

Feb 19, 2024



This is not for pussies. This is for men that are willing to GROW.


This episode is on self-investment. And it’s a huge rant on people that give the shittiest tips ever.


If this is you, cut the crap. If you want to step it up, and show masculinity…





Feb 15, 2024

In today’s episode of the Masculine Mindset Show, Adam makes major announcements. His hardcover book is RELEASED!!


This is an action-based book. It’s not meant to be information. It’s meant for implementation. Listen to this episode closely as you are getting a MINDSET lesson to succeed in dating!


No more...