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Beach Talk Radio

Sep 28, 2019

BMI's Dan Spears spoke to us about the 7th Annual Island Hopper Songwriter Fest, all the great things BMI does for songwriters around the country and the challenge female artists are having breaking into Country Radio. The, Pastor Shawn Critser and Sandal Factory Manager Claudia Steward discuss the homeless situation...

Sep 21, 2019

Bob and Linda Beasley and Keri Weig talk Fort Myers Beach Real Estate. Chris O'Neill, the owner of Sir Pizza, tells us all about the killer cuisine at his shop and fills us in on the 20 years he put in with the United States Army. This one gets very emotional folks

Sep 15, 2019

Fort Myers beach Mayor Anita Cereceda tells the community there is no conspiracy about the 2018 delay in signing the Margaritavlle Resort ordinance. She also talked to us about higher taxes and the October Roar Offshore Boat Races.