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The Jason Stapleton Program

Mar 28, 2022

Today is a bit of a weird day. I just got back from California where I attended an event put on my my friend who’s starting an events company. It was really cool and I was impressed at how well she promoted herself and her brand. I want to give you some insights that I think will help you as well. But there’s also a lot going on in the world. The confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown is an absolute circus, Joe Manchin is suggesting a trillion dollar tax increase while inflation chips away at our budgets and the president is gaffing us into another world war. It’s a mad, mad world out there. Let’s try to make some sense of it. Don’t forget to Subscribe & Share! Subscribe to the podcast: Join our Community for FREE Promocode "stapleton" Promocode "WP&I" PromoCode "stapleton"