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Joseph Z Podcast

May 22, 2023

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about the glory of the Lord and then exposes how the devil wants to pervert humanity. He enlightens us about what made Lucifer fall, and how he reflected back the glory of God to the point that he began to believe that it was his own light that shines through and not God’s glory. Joseph then discloses that the devil likes to pervert God’s creation, this is why there’s so much perversion of what God created man for. The devil’s agenda since the beginning of time has been to destroy God’s creation, but we must recognize that the spirit of the Lord is trying to put a stop to it. He went on to make reference to the word of God taken from Luke 8:26-27 to clarify how committed the devil is in destroying all that was made in the image and glory of God. 

Moving on, Joseph Z enlightens us that our faith brings perversion to its knees, and when we give our life to Jesus, it’s a trading of lives, and Jesus becomes our everything. He charges us to be convicted for our Lord Jesus Christ, and push back this perversion of the devil; also to believe in God for the glory of the Lord to be revealed. He then clarifies that the glory of the Lord shows up out of obedience and the will of God; the Lord wants us to see His glory, and we change from glory to glory when we begin to obey God’s command because God wants to show Himself more than we want him to. 

Moreso, Joseph teaches that God does not act independently of his body, because we’re part of the body of Christ; each of us is called to a specific segment of the body of Christ, and we've got the destination, location, and assignment when we answer the call. He then exposes that where we are in the body of Christ matters because God works through the body of Christ, and as a part of Christ’s body, God can take our plan B and make it better than our plan A. 

Joseph explains further that the glory of the Lord is the way we can defy the perversion that has come upon our society, and the glory of the Lord means that we can outgrow our containment. He then reassures us that we’re such a light that the world can not deny what God is doing with His Church.

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0:00 Introduction
03:48 The Ultimate Revenge of the Devil
05:21 Luke 8:26-27
09:05 Nakedness: A Defiance of God’s Glory
12:05 Conviction for Christ
19:28 How to Push Back the Perversion
25:59 James 1:23
27:50 From Glory to Glory
29:37 We’re the Body of Christ
31:30 Grace: Destination, Location & Assignment
35:55 Tribal Alignment: Importance
42:59 Conclusion

May 21, 2023