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Tripping on Legends

Feb 27, 2023

With Ella begging me to allow her to do the Backrooms episode, we had to switch gears a little bit.


It's okay to follow Robert's Rules and believe in the curse. It's okay to fall back on Voodoo curses and wild affairs and attempted murder. It's okay to swoon when the tales get taller and the stories get darker and the monster comes out of the attic.


All Roberts are a representation of the life and times during which They Did It.


Just understand the doll you know and love is not the one you think he is, and the truth might be is as faded as the face on that little toy in Key West.


And you should be happy about that.


Join Tripping on Legends as they take a frank look at Key West's most famous resident and question the little doll that started it all. We even get a call from our leading expert on Pemberton Ferry and artist Della Daughtery with a personal account of Robert.


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