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Tripping on Legends

Oct 3, 2021

Annabelle is a creepy blond doll and Slenderman is a character in a video game.  The bigger you get, the harder it is to look in the mirror.


The man behind the hit podcast Lore has set his sites on the Bridgewater Triangle (again) with a new radio play called Bridgewater.  Half way through its run, with an all-star cast and almost 1,700 ratings on ITunes, it can be considered a hit with its own cult following.  As more people learn the folklore and headlines of the Triangle, is there a risk of the trees forgetting the forest.


Christopher Balzano goes deep into the podcast to explores the impact the show is already having on the Triangle and theorize about how the needle will shift more based on the popular show. 


Warm up for the show by watching a classic episode of Tripping on Legends where we explore Why the Triangle Will Never Make It Big:


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