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Unraveling Adoption

Dec 25, 2023

"Adoption is about finding homes for babies, not about finding babies for families." -- Paul Fiscus

Do you want to see an increase in awareness and advocacy for natural fathers? Join me in listening to Paul Fiscus' plea for greater support and recognition for natural fathers. He hasn't seen his 5-year-old daughter Eliza...

Dec 18, 2023

Take the initiative to learn from all the resources that are out there. Recognize the importance of doing so for the benefit of adopted youth. - Meggin (Nam) Holtz

If you're interested in supporting adopted youth in your family or community, then we have inspiration for you in today's episode! You may be trying to...

Dec 11, 2023

I think that it's definitely a complicated thing, no matter how great the conditions are. But it definitely did something for me to have contact with my biological part of the adoptee experience. - Ben Coolman

If the adoptee in your life is feeling overwhelmed by conflicting loyalties and uncertainty about where they...

Dec 4, 2023

I think for my mother, she didn't always really see me quite as a person of equal value. - Janell Strube

A biracial adoptee, Janell Strube, shares her powerful journey of navigating racial identity and the impact of racism behind closed doors. Did she ever find the acceptance and understanding she sought?

In this...