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Unraveling Adoption

Apr 29, 2024

"...when you're walking around with a sense of loss, or you feel like your first mother or first family don't want you, there's two ways you go about this. Either A, you're going to get really enmeshed and get real clingy because you don't want to lose. Or B, you get this detachment, and as adoptees and groups sometimes...

Apr 22, 2024

Sexuality and Adoption: Insights from a Transracial Adoptee and Sex Therapist

"For me, sexual and reproductive health or our sexuality is so connected with attraction, with attachment style, with self-esteem, with the wish for connecting and creating long-term bonds." -- Anna Linde

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Apr 15, 2024

"I hate when people say that my life should be a movie. Can we just ban that phrase?" - Jeremy

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Episode Summary:

In this episode of Unraveling Adoption, host Beth Syverson delves into the complexities of adoption alongside her guest,...

Apr 8, 2024

"I want to normalize the practice of spirituality and ancestral rituals. They're a normal part of our lives." Helena Soholm, PhD

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Episode Summary

Beth Syverson, the host of the podcast Unraveling Adoption, welcomes Dr. Helena Soholm as a...

Apr 1, 2024

"I think everyone has had this experience of feeling like they're in two places or even more than that, but not quite enough of any." -- Anthony Lynch


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Episode Summary:

Beth Syverson, the host of the podcast "Unraveling Adoption," welcomes...