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The Viall Files

Dec 28, 2020

We start this episode of Ask Nick with a caller that has been friends with someone for 20 years and all this time later sees what she thinks is an opportunity for the friendship to be get to the next level, but is she really just Ted from Schitt’s Creek? Second we speak with a woman who would love to have one last hookup at her bachelorette party and thinks her boyfriend should as well, however he is not happy about the scenario for either of them. Next we speak with someone who was just accepting what was being offered to her in a relationship for 2 years instead of asking for what she wanted fearing she would lose him. Finally we speak to someone who wants to know if she is just straight up dating a psychopath! Get ready for next week when we start off the new year with Ask Nick Updates from some of our 2020 callers. 

“You gave him too much validation for the consistency he gave you.“

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