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The Viall Files

May 23, 2023

Welcome back to The Viall Files: Vanderpump Recap Edition! Today we are joined by Vandepump cast member Charli Burnett and journalist Kate Aurthur to break down the shocking and infamous Vanderpump Season 10 Finale. We talk to Charli about her friendship with Raquel and the rest of the cast, and what finally gave the affair away. She is extremely generous with telling us what Raquel and Sandoval were hoping to have happen after revealing their love for one another, and what Season 11 is going to look like if Ariana refuses to film with either of them. Kate provides invaluable knowledge having covered all of the seasons of Vanderpump, and recently having published a Scandoval article for Variety. 

“I think they were getting off on being sneaky.” 

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