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Zestful Aging

Dec 12, 2020

Anne Basting PhD, is a leader in transforming aging and elder care, author of the new book “Creative Care: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care” and the recipient of a MacArthur “Genius” Grant. She is the founder of the non-profit “TimeSlips” which implements her innovative approach to memory care, and is the author of three previous academic books, The Stages of Age: Performing Age in Contemporary American Culture” (University of Michigan, 1998), “Forget Memory: Creating Better Lives for People with Dementia” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009) and “The Penelope Project: An arts-based odyssey to change elder care” (University of Iowa Press, 2016). Her work as the founding director of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Center on Age & Community was also featured in the PBS documentary, “The Penelope Project” (2011). Find out more on and Check out for an innovative app that supports mental health. Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at