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Mar 1, 2024

On today's Q&A podcast we discuss:

  • 1:43 If we try to keep financial privacy about our affairs, won't we miss out on some very valuable financial conversations?
  • 20:02 I have UTMA accounts for my children. Is that a problem?
  • 25:39 Should we incorporate a business curriculum into our homeschool curriculum?
  • 41:41 How do we handle excessive children's growth opportunitites like gymnastics?
  • 46:50 How do I figure out how much company stock to keep vs. sell?
  • 53:58 How do I choose a high-quality charity to leave as the benificiary of my trust?
  • 1:05:05 How do I do a business valuation for a family-owned bar?
  • 1:16:42 How do I affect the behavior of my distracted homeschooler?
  • 1:40:31 How do I choose what services to outsource?
  • 1:46:50 Biographies Joshua is reading and discussion on the future of family wealth planning.