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Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb

Dec 23, 2020

Former Rangers Ethan Killeen and Mike Rodgers talk about how their Veteran Owned business idea became a reality. CRG Plans makes Collaborative Response Graphics for LE and First Responders using techniques they learned overseas fighting terrorists. Using the GRG (Gridded Reference Graphic) as a starting point they have...

Dec 4, 2020

Dave Eubank always make me feel like a little kid, he is a man I look up to for his convictions to risk everything for the Free Burma Rangers. Dave is a former US Army Ranger and 1st Special Forces Group soldier as well. He and his family have led a life of great sacrifice in the name of their testimony of helping those...

Nov 17, 2020

Had the honor of sitting down with Colonel (R) Larry Perino in Florida. Great man, fellow Warrior. He served with the Rangers during the Blackhawk Down mission in Mogadishu Somalia, 1993. God Bless America!!

Oct 25, 2020

Allen ventured to Crusader Acres to teach the Viking blade grinding. Great fun and a great dude. Allen is deep into the fighting arts and makes unbelievable knives. God Bless America!!

Jul 31, 2020

Duke took a little time away from doing Rich Little impersonations to swing by the studio. This podcast got a little more serious than I intended. If you know anyone struggling, get in touch with them and help out your Ranger buddy. Check out We need to take care of those that take care of us. God...