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Rock & Roll Farming

Apr 29, 2020

Tonight I spoke to David Hill, the brains and driving force behind The Online Agricultural Show, taking place on 2nd May 2019. 

We talk all about the show, what it's taken to get it off the ground, what's happening on the day, and whether it's going to be an annual event!

The show is supporting these great charities,...

Apr 22, 2020

James Rhys is a Welsh valleys boy living in Scotland, and has a cracking hybrid accent of the two. 

Listen as we talk about his journey from music and sports journalism into contract shepherding, have an open discussion about our experiences with depression, and hear all about his exciting new coffee business -...

Apr 15, 2020

Adam Driver has a thirst for knowledge, and regularly speaks his mind on the big issues facing farmers. 

Listen as we discuss his journey from studying philosophy in London, to committed regenerative agriculture advocate. 

And I promise that I don't make *too many* Star Wars references. 



Apr 8, 2020

Listen as I talk to the inspirational Lydia Slack about how she struggled to come to terms with her sexuality, the difficulties of coming out to a farming family, and how she's helping others in similar situations by speaking about her experiences. 




Apr 7, 2020

Rock & Roll Farming is back baby!!!

And who else could I start off again with but farmer and President of the National Farmers Union, Minette Batters. 

Listen as we talk about how the current Coronavirus pandemic is causing chaos for business throughout the food chain and what the NFU are doing right now, as well as a...