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The Jimmy Dore Show

Hosted by award winning comedian Jimmy Dore, This is an irreverent and humorous take on todays headlines and hypocrites. This program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which are todays main stream "news media". Interviews with todays top comedians and comedy writers, and gets their take on all things newsy. It is a show that provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

Mar 22, 2024

During a recent campaign appearance, Donald Trump said that if he wins in 2024 he will impose a 100% tax on vehicles manufactured in Mexico but that if he fails to defeat Joe Biden, there will be a “bloodbath.” Liberal heads instantly exploded over Trump’s obvious call for political violence, or so they claimed.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Morning Joe Scarborough’s leading the demented charge to indict Trump for using what is a commonplace term — one he himself has often used in the past.

Plus segments on MSNBC host Ali Velshi’s shocking segment revealing the depth of AIPAC’s control of the U.S. Congress and an online commentator’s savage takedown of grifter Shaun King.

Also featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae. And a phone call from Joe Biden!