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Jul 29, 2007

Nothing happened.  Didn't sing kareoke, didn't get trained as a Kareoke Dude, didn't win the Powerball.  Did get a nice note from Owen Poteat, so I used some more of his music: or look at his home website:  Probably no ad support, no Podcast Awards. ...

Jul 21, 2007

My nearly guaranteed win of the Powerball drawing.  And the Raventones new album.

Being broke.  The usual pathetic whining.  But I really should know bettter.

Also, The new player on the website.

Podtrac Standard Survey Link

Podtrac Abbreviated Audience Survey Link

Featuring "Walk With Me," "Southbound #5," and...

Jul 15, 2007

The Great Underwear Debacle.  Playing solitare.  "It's quiet out there.  Yeah, too quiet."  And  acting, writing, doing laundry, and other stuff I haven't been doing.

Theme: "Hot Swing," from Kevin MacLeod:



Download "Changes" (mp3)
from "Homeland"
by Pat Surface
Spiritwood Music

Jul 6, 2007

Since I forgot, thank you for being my friend, and...

Oh Yeah

Download "May You Never" (mp3)
from "Oh Yeah"
by Teresa James
Black and Tan Records

More On This Album

Oh Yeah

Download "Come Up And See Me Sometime" (mp3)
from "Oh...

Jul 1, 2007

I get to go fishin' today!  Had a small, related adventure.  Shorter show today, otherwise.

Featured Song: "Big Fish, Lazy River," by Owen Poteat:

Theme (as always) "Hot Swing" from Kevin MacLeod: